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Youth Athlete Training... It's about more than the "athlete"

More Athleticism isn't Priority #1

Training youth athletes is only partially about becoming better athletes - I wouldn't even consider it to be our first priority.

More of our training - the way we exercise, communicate, and the environment we strive to create - centers around the deeper implications of training.

Instilling positive character traits.

Empowering confidence.

Being surrounded by a community of like-minded and supportive individuals.


"My son has been training with Carter for almost a year and to say I am amazed with the progress he has made during this short time would be an understatement. Carter has not only taught him the proper techniques of lifting weights, but more importantly, he has instilled a new confidence in my son. Carter is a wonderful role model to these boys and exhibits admirable morals and values to each of them."

- CSTS Parent of High School Athlete


But HOW should we be training youth athletes?

1. Games and PLAY.

We should be gamifying training EVERYWHERE.

Making even the most menial tasks engaging, attention grabbing, and problem solving in nature!

If I asked you: What is the best way to get better at running?

You'd be foolish to not say... RUNNING.

Now, let's apply to sports.

Sport is a GAME.

In order to get better at GAMES, we should be playing GAMES.

We should be solving problems with our movement.


Acting in FUNCTIONAL ways.

Gamify training, thereby adding function and engagement that the athletes are going to LOVE.

2. Opportunities to MOVE.

Students and youth athletes sit more now than they ever have.

At school.

Playing video games.

With friends.

Getting rides to and from everywhere.

Some, of course, are better than others... but still most youth athletes simply are lacking enough high quality, and high intent MOVEMENT in their everyday lives.

Our training needs to be an outlet for movement.

And by MOVEMENT, I don't mean simply walking, squatting, and lunging...

It needs to be purposeful movement - movement that accomplishes a TASK or GOAL.

Movement that SOVLES a problem.

3. Strength Training.

Loading the body and getting stronger - slowly and progressively - is fundamental to any athlete development program.

Especially with youth athletes, our strength training should be introductory and progressive in nature.

Athletes should be learning the basic strength patterns - squats, lunges, hinges, pressing, pulling - by exploring exercises that require them.

And this TRAINING will Create WHAT?


An empowered kind of confidence that transfers into all avenues of an athlete's life.

Whether it be at home or on the field.

Being confident in one's movement abilities, and one's strength, creates an aura of presence that an athlete can wear with pride.


The type an athlete can lean on as a support tool.

The type that uplifts, empowers, and motivates.

Youth athlete training is about much more than becoming better athletes...

CSTS to the MOON.

Carter Schmitz, Owner and Head Coach at CSTS


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